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I’ll Talk About You


Mine’s a broken heart, a scarred soul, I’ve fallen for you and I don’t know what to do, I’m on cloud nine, I’m on a roll, And you won’t give in, not even a clue, But, if I have it my way, I’ll keep you, keep you forever, Will never let you go, If I have to, I’ll steal you I’m insane, I’m in love I’ll write about you and I’ll talk about you, You, you’re always pretty and I lose my...



you say I’ve only met you a few times but trust me, it felt like a million lifetimes You say relations aren’t easy to make but honey, I’ve put everything at stake you say the distance is too much to bear but, I’ll fall in love with you everyday, I dare you’re my sunshine, my moon and the stars give me your love, your pain and all your scars you say I’ll be disappointed with you, you’re not...

Slow Motion


Your love works like magic potion, drug for the sad heart, a love lotion, like feeling every fuckin’ emotion, like a soul giving everything up for devotion, like the crazy rain hugging the ocean, I’m a lover, a hopeless romantic, Don’t let me burn in a slow motion. Your touch works like a therapy of motion, like the formation of the world after an explosion, your presence feels like...

City Names


I hate the fact that we’ve divided ourselves, we’ve marked lines, lines that we call borders, these borders that have boundaries, boundaries that we can’t cross. I hate the fact that despite the earth being round, we can’t be found and I hate that the world isn’t one big country with no roamings, no passport or visas required. I hate the feeling of being far far away...



somedays are slow like the fresh rain snail crawling inch by inch somedays are merry like the music you get from a finch somedays are dark with no moon at night somedays are boring and I wanna get on a flight get out of sight somedays I wish I jump from the cliff and I could fly somedays I feel crazy, I wanna enjoy the beach and still be dry somedays I’m not me, I write for hours and throw...



The days of the pigeons and the post riders are long gone. With the phones getting smarter, you get smarter love as well. However, I’m not talking about the usual phone call that can be made anytime, anywhere, there has to be some dose of tease. Well, welcome to the world of Not-if-cations or simply the notifications. You have your eyes desperately glued to the phone screen without going...

Farewells aren’t Fair


I’m feeling Blue and Red and Green and Black and Yellow and every other fuckin color. I feel Happy and Sad and Merry and Depressed and every other fuckin emotion. Oh! what have I done? I don’t believe in Good Byes, they are heartbreaking and no, I can’t go ahead and classify them in to happy farewells or sad farewells. When someone very close to your heart bids farewell, the...

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A novice stopmotion filmmaker learning the rules of life. An emotional fool, a hopeless romantic, very possessive. I love writing whatever comes to my mind and I think I am an average photographer. visit: for other projects

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